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Karen Merrifield

Karen Merrifield

Karen is a highly experienced heritage learning consultant and evaluator. She is one of the co-leads of Century of Change.

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‘Century of Change’ is about inspiring children and staff in primary schools and their communities to engage, care for, learn about and celebrate their natural and cultural heritage. The vision is to create: 

“A place for people to discover a new sense of pride in their nature, history, famous legends. Celebrating the past, transforming the present and securing the future of the real Sherwood Forest.” 

Children will be at the centre of Century of Change.  Our approach is For, By and With. With this in mind we are consulting with stakeholders and partners who can help us to deliver a learning offer built around four principles of working with children. 

  • Excite
  • Explore
  • Communicate
  • Celebrate

We aim to Excite their interest, support them to Explore their local heritage and Communicate their findings to the local community culminating in an event that uses arts and culture to Celebrate local heritage.

The first term and half of our work has been used to build contacts and to investigate the five themes. We now wish to develop one celebration partnership launch day that will bring together audiences interested in co-creating a learning offer. The audience will be schools, students, heritage/community groups, heritage organisations and artists/arts practitioners. We are currently researching venues to host the event.

The format will showcase good practice and then provide the opportunity for teachers, artists and community/heritage organisations to work together to interpret heritage assets into a cultural programme.

The aim will be to create content and partnerships to trial in schools and to build as part of the Century of Change programme offer in subsequent years. 


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We have established a Working Group including teachers, staff and volunteers, creatives and heritage experts.

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Project News

What is Century of Change?

Innovate Educate and Creative Learning Partnerships are delighted to be project leads for Century of Change, part of the Miner2Major Landscape Partnership project.