Future communities

Future communities

What can we learn from the past that will influence the way we build future communities? Many of the villages and towns we see today evolved as a result of of the mills and mining industries in the region. 

Towns grew up around the textile mills in the 18th Century as workers were forced to adapt to working in a factory or mill and not from their home. The mining companies established mines in rural areas and created model villages for the miners and their families that worked in and around the pit.

But what about the future? We have recently lived through a period of great change caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. People have changed how they work, some now work from home, some travel less and meet online.

key questions

This unit will consider:

  • What is a model village?
  • Why were there so many model villages in and around Sherwood Forest?
  • What was it like to live in a model village?
  • What will our future communities look like?

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