Century of Change explores the history and geography of the old Sherwood Forest Hunting Ground leading up to 1850 and ending at 1950. The old Hunting Ground stretched from Ollerton to Bestwood, Mansfield to Newark.

Through partnership working, the project has created learning resources to support a local history curriculum, a Century of Change for primary schools. The resources cover five themes, Impact of War, Mills, Mines, Nature and Future Communities.  Teachers can choose which elements to teach.

The programme aims to:

  • Excite Learning
  • Explore local history
  • Communicate findings
  • Celebrate learning in an annual event at Sherwood Forest visitor centre.


The themes for Century of Change have evolved from research carried out by Miner2Major partners.

There are five themes focusing on different activities that have impacted the Sherwood Forest area. Each theme is inspired by a local heritage expert or group. The resources support children and young people to develop skills in research and communication used by historians, archaeologists or geographers.