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Karen Merrifield

Karen Merrifield

Karen is a highly experienced heritage learning consultant and evaluator. She is one of the co-leads of Century of Change.

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At the end of the summer term, we received a ‘thank you’ email from Corinna Brown, the Extended Services Co-ordinator at Asquith and Berry Hill Primary Schools, in Nottinghamshire. It was a lovely email to receive:

‘We wanted to try to let you know how much we appreciate your time and expertise and your willingness to pass it on to our pupils…’

The children had actually helped us. We invited children at partner schools, Asquith Primary School and Ravenshead Church of England Primary School, to share their views on local history in a short video. The result is a great video, showing not only a passion for history but, crucially, sharing great advice from the children on how to engage them in learning.

The ‘thank you’ email included a list of 30 ways organisations had provided support. Each item on the list started with a variation on:
• Generated opportunities for…
• Supported our children…
• Opened our children’s eyes to…
• Helped to deliver…
• Provided resources…
• Invited our children to…

This demonstrates just how important this work is. Working with schools is all about supporting children to learn in a different setting. This is what we are aiming to do with our Century of Change partners. This is where the magic will happen.

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‘Century of Change’ is about inspiring children and staff in primary schools and their communities to engage, care for, learn about and celebrate their natural and cultural heritage.

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